Body Support Cushions for Car Seat

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Universal reducer for carrycot, car seat, stroller, made in soft cotton, with funny stamping, filling of wadding, its external material allows it to be breathable, soft and comfortable for your baby, can be removed, the Head, thanks to its composition, is recommended for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic. You will find the cover and hood to match, sold separately.

New size in our reducer, now we will find three pieces, we have incorporated the seat cushion and the back so that your baby is more comfortable, it is a soft one so that the baby feels more welcome!

Most of our products: Made of cotton: soft, natural and breathable - Cotton is soft and comfortable. - It is hypoallergenic and does not irritate or cause allergies to sensitive skin. 

The fibers are spun vigorously in a way that does not irritate the skin or cause static electricity. - For these reasons, items that are frequently worn and in direct contact with the skin, such as t-shirts and underwear, are usually made of cotton. - Cotton is completely natural and contains no chemicals.

Material: All our materials are made of soft natural cotton, knitted, hypoallergenic, which prevents irritation and allergies on your baby's skin.
Safety: specially designed to wrap the baby's body and keep it in a proper posture when traveling by car. It adjusts and keeps your little body safe from road movements.
Comfort: Both the headrest and the cushion are adjustable and accompany the development and growth of the baby.
Quiet walks: be sure that your baby is well protected, with optimal support and ergonomics.

Why you choose this?

Perfect Design: Both headrest and body are adjustable. Your baby will be grouped and secure in the baby carrier.

Booster cushion: Raises baby to a safe height for the infant carrier. It is placed under the reducer 

Practical in day to day: You can use it in the car seat, stroller, crib or carrycot.

Quiet: Nothing better than being sure that your baby is well protected, with optimal support and ergonomics.

It fits intuitively and simply! Quick and easy assembly. Perfect coupling with your seat.

Multiple uses: Also use it in the stroller and it provides comfort and stability for the head, neck and back when you walk your baby.