Hair Treatment Vitamin

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MOROCCAN OIL-originating from Indonesia, jojoba oil, Contains a variety of vitamin care formula, which can deeply and comprehensively care and repair hair. Keeps hair hydrated, hair feels softer and shiny, easy to care and looks radiant.
HAIR VITAMIN SERUM CAPSULI-Orange: gowwim hair vitamin with Moroccan oil and ginseng&honey oil, vitamin A, C, E & Pro vit B5 nourishes, protect and provides care for your brittle and rough hair. Hair feels healthier, shiny and easy to manage.
CORRESPONDING FUNCTION: Hair vitality/Improve roughness/Nourishing -Nourish and repair the fragile and rough hair, make the hair healthier and feel softer. Deeply repair damaged hair, daily care hair smooth as silk.
HAIR CARE: Deeply repair damaged hair, hair serum oil, , hair vitamin serum capsule repair the brittle and rough hair, the hair will be healthier and stronger, silky smooth and softer to the touch.
THE BEST CHOICE: According to the actual situation, choose the most suitable capsule hair oil for your hair quality, so as to better care your hair.If it is damaged during the delivery process, please contact us to re-ship or support full refund. If there are unknown allergies during the use, please stop using and contact a professional doctor.